A user group about accessibility and inclusive design.

Meetup #13

20 January 2021


Designing for the extremes – design thinking and turning everyone into an a11y persona

Beatriz Gonzalez Mellidez (Principal Product Designer, SinnerSchrader)

When we design for average users, we are missing the sweet spot that leads to innovation and disruption. Many customers don’t want to hear the word accessibility but get excited about design thinking. We can use design thinking techniques to get our stakeholders excited about accessibility and inclusive design even if they would have never been interested in buying it otherwise.

Retrofitting for an accessible color palette: beyond the ‘nice-to-have’ improvement

Marion Couesnon (Interaction Designer)

Retrofitting doesn’t have a good reputation. Yet many products and websites published without accessibility in mind need to retrofit to be more accessible. In this talk, I would share my experience of retrofitting for an accessible palette. Beyond reaching compliance, I try to incorporate accessibility regulations as a core element of the designs so that they can no longer be ignored.