A user group about accessibility and inclusive design.

Meetup #3

17 May 2018


Da Vinci KeyCode — Keyboard navigation in the age of the touch screens

Develoger, Frontend Developer at Smava

Mass consumption of the Internet started with a click. At least that is true for the lucky majority of the population who either have no issues with their eye sight or just don’t like to use the keyboard. Remaining people depend, or are just in love with pressing keys. This talk is not about their struggle, it’s about how-to implement the inclusion on the tech level.

Accessibility — Designing for the real world

Kitty Giraudel, Frontend developer, Accessibility advocate, Author, Speaker

We all know that accessibility should be baked in all our projects. But what is it even? This topic is so wide that it is sometimes hard to grasp. We’ll take the amazing opportunity to meet on the Global Accessibility Awareness Day to discuss how accessibility blends into inclusive design, and what it means to design for all people.Video

Testing Accessibility with a Screen Reader

Sergei Kriger, Frontend developer at SinnerSchrader

Screen reader is the most popular tool used by people with visual impairments to browse the web. As a rule screen readers have a quite high learning curve due to their complexity and different (non-visual) approach of getting information. In this presentation you will figure out best practices of navigating web pages with a screen reader, learn how to use those practices for accessibility testing on both Mac OS and Windows and understand how to avoid the most common pitfalls when getting started using a screen reader.