A user group about accessibility and inclusive design.

Our Sponsors


Big thanks to our sponsor ThoughtWorks, who host and help us so much to make the event as accessible as possible.

Logo of thoughworks in blue with a pink line in front.

Thoughtworks is a global technology consultancy that integrates strategy, design and engineering to drive digital innovation. We are over 11,500 people strong across 51 offices in 18 countries.

Over the last 30 years, we’ve delivered extraordinary impact together with our clients by helping them solve complex business problems with technology as the differentiator.

ThoughWorks provides a practitioner’s accessibility handbook



Special thanks to our sponsor, Deque, who sponsors and supports us in providing live captions for our meetups.

Deque logo

Deque (pronounced dee-cue) is a web accessibility software and services company, and our mission is Digital Equality. We believe everyone, regardless of their ability, should have equal access to the information, services, applications, and everything else on the web.
We work with enterprise-level businesses and organizations to ensure that their sites and mobile apps are accessible.

Installed in over 475,000 browsers and with over 5,000 audit projects completed, Deque is the industry standard.